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About Us

We are a source of medical and body enhancement knowledge around your body & cannabis, and how it all works.


We are based in Whistler BC, where we work and live by mountain based community values. As such all staff are locals who enjoy the mountain lifestyle, which creates a happy work environment and thus directly impacts the quality of our cannabis service.

Medical Cannabis Partners In Each Country and State

We pride ourselves on only working with leading partners that only produce organically grown cannabis that is free from pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. We also only source products that use CO2 extraction, as this is 100% toxin free. Any cannabis product that does not use CO2 extraction means it will have some residual toxins inside, which makes the product cheaper.

We are proud to say that one of our partners work with a Canadian university on their production and extraction methods. This knowledge is then distributed to municipalities to aid them in the development of their by laws, and distributed among our partners communities to continually increase production quality and types of strains.

We inspect every one of our suppliers facilities who join our platform to ensure they meet the quality and community standards that Mount Herbal institute stands for. Our founders are cannabis scientists that are focused on continued education on the various medicinal benefits that this magical plant possesses. The MHI founders also have environmental and community values that are present everyday at the Institute.

Bridging the Gap Between Doctors & Consumers

The traditional relationship between a doctor and pharmaceutical company is the doctors are educated and trained on the use of their patented product. To register a patent, educate doctors and be compliant with the government and insurance companies, the pharmaceutical company needs to spends huge money on this process.

Because no one can patent the compounds of cannabis plant, that has thousands of different strains, and the plant is evolving as breed the plant to meet our needs, the money and ability needed to educate the doctors in the traditional pharmaceutical way is not there.

That’s where Mount Herbal Institute bridges that gap to educate consumers of the science going on in these private research labs, into easy to digest information that our people can easily absorb in order to understand their choices in products. We initially developed this content to for our friends with ailments and now it continues to grow and develop as more people and facilities join the platform.

Each Country & State has Different Regulations & Products Available

We work closely with universities, medical Cannabis producers and track different governments in each countries to be compliant with their individual regulations.

We provide independent credible consumer based medical ailment information and inspect producer and processing facilities.

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We also inspect all flower for fungus, mildew and mould and we only source hung dried flower for 3- 7 days. All order package go thru a sterile packaging process to ensure a discrete and safe delivery of your product either via mail or local delivery service. We work within the newly developing cannabis framework and regulations and within the established alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations.