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2 oz Special: God’s Green Crack >> Bonus Free Goggles


You guys loved this one last time! now we throwing in a pair of goggles with 2 ounces.

Check out the goggles at: or under “Snow Gear” category.

God’s Green Crack, also known as simply God’s crack, is a well balanced hybrid strain allowing users to enjoy a heavenly blend of head and body effects.

God’s crack boasts a unique and memorable herbal aroma which can be enjoyed when smoking or even just by first whiff. Upon smoking, users will immediately be hit by a higher cognitive process and tingles throughout the body. This strain enhances deeper thought, making it ideal for those looking for a creative push and more focused energy. Following the initial head high, the effect throughout the body will deepen, leaving you feeling mentally and physically relaxed.

This awesome combination of mind and body, along with its high THC content, makes God’s Green Crack ideal for treating symptoms of ADHD, depression, fatigue as well as nausea and appetite loss.

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