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Buy Any Two 125mg Chocolates for $40

  • 5mg per square/per bar
  • Swiss chocolate

Grab any two 125 mg chocolate bars, for just $40! That saves you $14 – so it’s a bangin’ deal at 26% off!

With a passion for modern luxury, style, elevated experiences, cannabis & chocolate, we set out to create something very special to bring to the world of cannabis confections.
with a true appreciation for the finer things you settle for nothing less than opulence. Combining the world’s most premium cannabis into our proprietary blends of full spectrum extracts & using the world’s most premium chocolate with classic & luxurious flavours you have something very special. True opulence with cannabis & chocolate. Our proprietary blend of full spectrum extracts along side lab tests and a food science approach to infusion, ensures that each square has the exact amount of THC.

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