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Types Of Pain

3 terms to describe different types of pain:

Acute Pain

Pain that is immediate that can be caused from a trauma, or  dysfunction.


Chronic Pain

Pain from one condition, lasting more than 12 weeks


Nociceptive Pain

Pain is caused by tissue damage, tissue disease or inflammation. It feels as a dull ache or sense of pressure.


Fact: Pain can’t be measured!

Types of Back Pain

Below are the 3 terms to describe different types of back pain:

  1. Axial pain,  also called mechanical pain, can vary greatly based on the case; it can be dull or sharp and can exist constantly or come and go. The most common source of axial pain is muscle strain, which occurs when muscles are torn or stretched to an extreme.
  2. Referred pain is a dull and achy pain that tends to move around the back and body. Referred pain, which can vary in intensity, occurs away from the direct source of the pain. For example, referred pain can occur in the hips and thighs when there’s a problem like degenerative disc disease in the lower back.
  3. Radicular pain or sciatica travels from the lower back down each leg as it follows the sciatic nerve path.. It will feel deep and intense pain and can lead to numbness and weakness. this is often caused by inflammation, compression or an injury around the lower back or pelvis.