ALL CUSTOMERS: Read ‘HOW TO ORDER’ before placing an order



How does it work?

Visit the store and view whatever products interest you. Depending on the product, there will either be a fixed price or price options for the different quantities on offer. 

If you select a fixed price, you will find the number of points offered and its price, on the next page.

Once satisfied, click Add to Cart.

If you select a product with price options, there will be a drop-down menu to choose your quantity. The number of points and the price will be located below.

Once satisfied, click Add to Cart.

After finalizing your product selection, click the cart icon on the right-hand side. Either a box will appear on your right (click View Cart), or it will take you directly to your orders. 

Above the product list, will be the amount of points you could earn on future purchases, and below that will be the option to apply your points.

Once satisfied, click Proceed to Checkout.

At the bottom of your page, under Billing Address and Shipping Address, will be the amount of points earned from your recent order and what you have left. 

Terms and Conditions

No points are issued for items that have already been discounted by a coupon code.

No points will be issued for orders that have already used points during the purchase.

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